i crapped out at 3:30 am…

Posted: August 27, 2007 at 9:59 am

but the sitting room is done (and i fell asleep on my new/old sally anne sofa…very comfortable)…i have been back at her since 9 am and the bedroom is almost done. i have totally destroyed the kitchen, entrance way and the area by the outside front door, so those will be a few (many) hours yet, plus all the normal stuff like laundry, floors, feeding and barn…BUT…i am doing a good job as i go so this has to be a good thing and maybe it will actually be easier to clean and work around here when i am done. i already had one visitor today (gawd this place just reeks cuz i am on a very controlled, don’t get distracted by pee and poop and laundry, mission)… that was a drag that it smelled so bad. people can visit on wednsday so by then they can walk in here and say WOW!!! but i will be back to work so i will miss it.

i put a little nice area rug in the sitting room, sigh…some one has already peed and puked on it…bastards!

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