forgiving friends and holding grudges

Posted: October 20, 2007 at 6:45 am

i don’t know why i get so upset when the general world starts taking whacks at rescue but i do. i feel like ellen is in her ignorance and unknowingness and selfishness profoundly injuring a rescue upon whom animals depend…AND she is doing it on national TV! to a lesser degree….i feel like that for myself sometimes and turtle gardens now too. (except thank god none of our little whackers have ever had a network tv show for masses to see.)

but interestingly enough, the ones who damaged this particular rescuer last night, were two of my most loved and trusted friends.

sweet pea and lexi totally wrecked my get rid of headache plan. i took TWO robaxicets last night (my system is a weanie for tolerating muscle relaxants) and by 9 pm i was a wet soggy noodle and i slipped into bed and set my alarm for 5 am and thought YES! in the morning i am going to feel great.

except they fussed all night. they never fuss all night, they barked and they whined and they bugged me til i thought i would scream. and all of that nice noodle relaxedness wasted away with all of my trips up and down.

sigh, sometimes even your friends sometimes mess you up and do you in too. beasts, except i don’t get so mad at them when they do. i am species biased i suppose. lexi and sweet pea are already forgiven, but ellen is not and won’t be.

apparently i practice double standards…i might think about that some more when i am finally headache free.

2 Comments on "forgiving friends and holding grudges"

  • Heidi says

    Hey All. Does anyone have Sam’s phone number? I want to get Trev groomed and I understand Sam is the one to do it. Or anyone know the spelling of the shop she works at? Also, I have some stuff for a garage sale or perhaps Ebay that I will donate to SAINTS-anyone know how to post things on ebay or craigs list or address of the garage sale in chilliwack. Thanks!! Heidi

    Nicole-are you still able to help with the table and chairs? Anytime is pretty much OK with me. Thanks Heidi

  • Samantha says

    Hi Heidi!
    I would love to groom Trev! My number is 604-530-0518 Markeydas Pet Grooming! Talk to you soon! Sam

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