and the REALLY good news is…..

Posted: October 29, 2007 at 7:51 pm

cody is moving into foster care on wednsday. she will be moving in with trina’s family and i know she is going to just be so happy there…yay trina!!!! yay cody!!!!

(this is WAAAYYY better than the plan i came up with!)

4 Comments on "and the REALLY good news is….."

  • Meghann says

    That is great news about Cody! I’m so glad to hear it. She has a big heart, that dog. She doesn’t seem to hold grudges, despite the fact that she had the same home for over ten years and was given up in the blink of an eye. If only I was so forgiving…

  • Mo says

    Whoo Hoo .. I’m so happy… but oh no.. now I will miss her !! She is such a sweet soft dog. This is great news.

  • Nicole says

    that’s so wonderful for Cody (and for Trina’s family).

  • Zoe says

    I am so delighted to hear that. Though I will miss her terribly, along with the joys of cuddling with such a huge animal, hearing she will have a family is wonderful. Cody has so much love to give, and she deserves a family who will give her nothing less.

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