tonight is maybe as good as it gets

Posted: December 1, 2007 at 7:44 pm

the snow is drifting down in huge soft flakes, the fireplaces are glowing warm. most of the animals are asleep in warm, dry beds except for clyde and maude who are having a gentle game on the kitchen floor.

the laundry is going thru, i had a good dinner (ok, it was frozen, pre-packaged but it still tasted good) and i have had a glass of chilled red wine and just finished watching a very good movie (“as good as it gets”).

there are nights when my life is filled with peace and goodness and i am grateful for the life that i have.

this may change tomorrow morning but for tonight i am content. if this is as good as it gets, i am ok with that.

2 Comments on "tonight is maybe as good as it gets"

  • Cheryl says

    Carol Carol:
    Sounds good except chilled red wine? Red wine should be enjoyed at room temperature…white wine chilled. You will get alot more flavour out of the red wine.
    Ha ha and YES I am a wine snob. Sorry. Just want you to fully enjoy it.

  • Carol says

    yuck…i don’t drink anything at room temperature…hot or cold but nothing in between….when i was a stupid, wanna-be drunk cheaply teenager, we drank warm, straight off the shelf “granny hills strawberry wine” that tells you my hill billy roots in wine consumption…i can still remember the taste of that stuff…yuck yet again. last night the wine tasted much better, i am sure it was because it was chilled and it wasn’t a screw top either!

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