so where are they now?

Posted: December 10, 2007 at 4:36 pm

kathy came to help me today…and i soared thru the barn, americats, rabbits, big dogs and errands (except i forgot to buy straw…shit!)

i had a few minutes so i sat with frodo in the multi-purpose room with him purring on my chest and i started walking down that memory lane.

where are the ones who came with me from my old life to this new one? where have they all gone? i made a mental list….

marilla (deceased)

clover (saints)

the fruit loop trio (saints)

murphy (deceased)

the two survivng box babes (adopted)

dixie chick (saints)

beaver (adopted)

ogidie (deceased)

Pause (my cat..deceased)

Julie (adopted…by me)

Jessica (deceased)

Hickory (deceased)

Louise (deceased)

Wee Hopeful Bug (deceased)

Romeo (deceased)

Panda Bear (deceased)

Frodo (saints)

Copper (saints)

Jesse (deceased)

Jazz (deceased)

Tyra (saints…my dog)

Tally (saints…my dog)

Sophie (deceased)

Bill (deceased)

Wilbur (deceased)

wow….that made me sad.


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