i better move my butt

Posted: December 14, 2007 at 8:08 am

adding an extra private feeding to cleo’s daily schedule seems to have reduced her anxiety somewhat and she is less reactive…this is good.

busy day today…vets coming…new washer/dryer replacement coming…chicklet is leaving….plus all the daily/weekly day off stuff like dump runs. i am regretting losing yesterday off cuz tomorrow i am back to work for another 5.

i have the number for a pig specialist who i will call today and see if we can arrange a consult on ellie. i just forwarded on to nicole this lovely picture of ellie that susan took and i am hoping nicole will post it on the blog…you can just feel the gentle beauty of her in that photo.

sigh…there were alot of accidents around here last night that i cannot continue to ignore…i feel so freaking lazy…ooops jesse is here…laziness lasted a few minutes too long.

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