crappy night

Posted: January 26, 2008 at 7:17 am

i went to bed at 9pm (omg!) and was awake at 12.30,1;30,3;30 and 5;30…too many worries.
i am worried about dexter, sunshine, bond, missy…i am worried about a unneutered PB young dog in the neighborhood (that i know and have touched) who is in the paper for sale… that i really do not want to bring here. i am worried about all of the liability insurences that are due for renewal and payment right now and i am worried about the running water i can hear from a broken pipe under the barn and the freaking ice that surrounds the farm guys walking paths.

it sucks to be a worry wart with an endless supply of real worries. and there is not a heck of alot that i can do about any of them right now (except maybe that dog) hence the shitty night.

raymond popped open the door again last night…frozen north inside here again this morning. i am going to go looking for a wedge to stick under the door so at least it stays warm in here after i go to bed.

well, i suppose i better move my butt here so at least i don’t have to worry about being late for work. i will see everyone here either in person or in spirit for dexter’s party today…he will love it, i am not the least bit worried about that!

2 Comments on "crappy night"

  • Julie says

    Have fun at Dex’s party today, wishing I could be there.
    hopefully some of your worries will get sorted soon, so you can worry about something else.

  • Susan from Chicago says

    Enjoy your party Dex!

    Take care Carol, things will get better! Good thoughts sent your way.

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