interesting day today.

Posted: January 28, 2008 at 8:16 pm

the day started with a rush trip to the vet for james bond. he just has not been doing well the last few days so this morning when i assessed him and discovered he had started dehydrating, off he went. they have started him on re-hydration therapy and sent off some blood work and we will see how he does. he is a very old cat at 17 yrs old.

then our 2 of our applicants for the new staff member position came by for a tour and a chat. they had already passed the interviews with mo and chris and then made their way up here. i think we will do a couple of shifts trial so they can see exactly what this job entails.

tyra and phoebe were being doorknobs and both of them got hurt. phoebe has a gash on her head and tyra pulled her cruciate. she is darn lucky she didn’t tear it and phoebe is lucky tyra’s mouth didn’t take out her eye when she fell and if those two don’t stop with the doorknobby crap when they are running around outside…..i will hurt them both!!

i gave ellie her first injection, trina fed her 2 carrot muffins while i pumped 10cc’s of meds into her. i did a very good job and she was a very good pig. i was on afternoon shift today so it was nice not to be so rushed in the morning like i usually am and i had some time to go and buy her some muffins on my way back from the vet.

a lady came by from the school…apparently there was a stray duck over there…trina sent her back with a carrier to catch it but the duck had flown away. the duck showed up here later and started to walk into the barn. greg came to get me but then the duck disappeared again. the duck was finally captured late this afternoon and is currently sleeping in a thick bed of straw inside a dog house in the chicken pen. it was dark by the time i got home so i have yet to meet this wandering bird but i am sure he/she is someone special to have found his/her own way here to saints.

penny the new little senior chi, whose blood work has been such a concern…finally revealed the hidden source of her walled off abcess as it burst today, it was intrauterine…. penny had never been spayed. and luckily her foster mom was right on top of it and got her right into the vet. she has been on antibiotics for awhile now in the hopes that they would reach the hidden infection somehow. she is off for surgery in the morning and hopefully it all goes well without incident. i was talking to colleen about her this morning and we were trying to decide if the next step was an ultasound to see what we could find…i guess penny decided to be cooperative and spare us the extra expense.

princess leia and patches are not getting along all that great. i will give them until tomorrow before i stick that warrior princess rabbit right back inside a cage.

i just had to check out sweet pea’s mammary tumours, and gawd damn it they have tripled in size in the last little bit. we are going to lose her sooner than later and i am not ready for this.

it was just getting dark when greg got back with some hay and feed to last thru this expected snow storm. he had a bit of misadventure before unloading…percy charged the gate and got loose and while greg was wrestling with him..spritely, gideon, and sparkles flew past down the road. needless to say, greg was having heart attacks with my most beloved barn beasts loose and heading into town in high speed…he thought about calling me and then changed his mind and decided to go get them first and bring them safely home before he told me that they had been busy escaping…. sigh…bad barn guys…now they will forever be at that gate.

ellie mae was a very good pig, she did not join the bad ones in doing bad things and pete and edith were good too but i am sure it was because they weren’t anywhere near the gate. and the sheep and carl and jeanette are just as good as ellie is cuz they did not try to run away too.

everyone is safe in bed, i am very thankful for this. and greg has gone home to rest his pounding heart which i am sure was pumping in very high speed. i am glad i missed that excitement, i am sure i would have been having a fatal heart attack.

4 Comments on "interesting day today."

  • Susan from Chicago says

    Oh Carol – I know your interesting day had maybe more downs than ups but the description of your barn guys running down the road with Greg in hot pursuit made me laugh until tears came – at the end of a not so good day here.


  • Julie says

    the children are keeping you busy!
    hope they are all fairing alright with the snow, and that they don’t take it into thier mutual heads to try and run away again to someplace warmer! silly creatures.
    how’s the duck?

  • Mo says

    Lol.. that brings back memories for me, our ponies used to break out & then break into the garden at the Seniors home down the road… problem was , most times it was in the middle of the night.. Thank goodness for older brothers who came to help !

    I feel for Greg…. : – )

  • Meagan says

    How does Ellie like her giraffe? Is it decapitated yet?

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