Here are some photos of Dexter

Posted: April 16, 2008 at 4:45 pm

not to make you sad, but to make you happy you got to know him

Dexter last year, shortly after he arrived at SAINTS, chasing tennis balls in the lower fields.

Dex and his gigantor tumor (not like he noticed it, though)

Dex in one of his many coats – he was like the Imelda Marcos of coats

Took this photo a few weeks ago of him, chilling by the fire

6 Comments on "Here are some photos of Dexter"

  • Susan from Chicago says

    Beautiful pictures – thanks for sharing them and Dexter with us. Run free Dexter, but keep an eye out for all of those left at SAINTS. They still need you.

    Just a beautiful soul.

  • Angela from NY says

    Beautiful Dog –

  • Angela from NY says

    oh, dex. – I try to check the blog everyday, and everyday I cross my fingers that I don’t see what I saw. But strangely as I thought I’d be so sad and I am, I am equally happy and relieved that he is in a good place and as you described it doesn’t sound like he could have gone any better and will always be with you all… nice poem deb.

  • Carol says

    thx for posting these nicole, colleen sent me 3 videos of dex on utube…i can’t play them, the quick time thingy is buggered…can i send them and you can post the links for everyone else?

  • Nicole says

    yup send me the links.
    i’m going to play with your computer on saturday and try to fix some of the many things that keep going wrong.

  • Marianne says

    I’m sorry for your loss and all that knew this beautiful boy. While we wish them to live forever , sadly that’s not the case. However, they do in our memories and in our hearts.

    I never had a chance to know him but thank you for sharing him with us through your post.

    RIP Dexter and may you now be running pain free at the Bridge.


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