Posted: April 18, 2008 at 7:03 am

Serena… our foster from Turtle Gardens.  Part Goat, Part Deeer, and Part Doggy.

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  • Carol says

    geezus! she is LOVELY!!!!!

  • Francesca Wilson says

    What a bright sweet thing – welcome to Saints Serena. Can’t wait to meet you.

  • Cheryl says

    Oh look at her. She is so pretty!!!
    Looks like she is fitting in well with her buddy there. Awesome.

  • Gee she looks great Sheila THANKS ((((((((((((sheila)))))))))) I really hope I get a chance to say hi, to her before I leave and she goes to her new home.It would be great for her to have visit with Trip who is here with me now. (yes I can’t go anywhere with out a dog!!!!) gee they love to go for rides and have adventures too.

  • Carol says

    francesca, serena is not a saints dog so you won’t get to see her here she is a foster dog of TG with sheila and leila.

  • Emma says

    Look at those ears!!! Does she fly??

  • Jude says

    what a lovely photo of Serena with her pal…..!

  • Sheila says

    Her buddy finally, after 6 long months found a home.
    Serena who is a beautiful, exotic dog had 3 enquiries in the first week on being on petfinder. NOT FAIR. But who said life was fair. Serena misses her boyfriend very much.

  • Dave calls our remaining salukis “cats indoors and untrained reindeers outdoors”. Serena looks beautiful! Thank you so much for fostering, training and socializing Serena. I am so fortunate to know you and Leila.

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