Posted: April 19, 2008 at 6:30 pm

somethings break and stay broken, some things break and then are fixed, somethings are not broken at all but still don’t work…..
usually because someone (lynn and nicole?) messed with all the buttons!

i finally got the dog room tv to work but am at a loss to get the fireplace going…it is cold in there tonight so i guess i better haul in a heater.

other broken things….

hook has broken a tooth. i only noticed cuz there is blood dripping out of his mouth. way to go hook, you are beyond even ancient and knocking you out to fix it is going to be a real risk.

nicole says i need a new computer as this one is broken again, and endora while not broken is having trouble peeing once more and she JUST finished her antibiotics.

things i would like to break…

hmmmm…phoebe’s neck. i have this happy but sick vision in my mind…of our very own, red whirling wonder dog, happily running around saints…. minus a head. i know this sounds mean but since it is only her biting and barking that cause us so much trouble, if she was headless she’d be pretty much perfect….a perfect headless phoebe is a nice (if somewhat sick and unrealistic) dream….sigh, maybe someday heads won’t be necessary to continued life (lots of people (and dogs) have them but don’t use them so maybe one day they will become obsolete)

8 Comments on "broken"

  • Tammy says

    I think you should leave Phoebe alone. I’ll be out tomorrow to make sure she is okay and with no new scars on her.

  • Carol says

    i think her shirt has a new hole so you might want to bring a needle and thread (plus if she needs her head sewn back on, you will be well prepared)

  • Tammy says

    The holes in her shirt give her character. It’s the holes in her head I’m worried about.

  • info says

    i turned the fireplace off, because it was so warm in there today.
    didn’t do anything crazy to it. just turned it to off.
    grab some coats and dress the dogs up.

  • lynne says

    nicole can not take all the blame. i asked her if she could turn it off because it was really warm and so she did. she was going to tell you as we wanted to make sure it was done right that is when i mentioned it. sorry nicole did not mean to rat you out. lynne hope you get it going again carol.

  • Carol says

    put a coat on who? mugsy and cleo? not likely, i am quite attached to my hands…cole? oh yeah, he’d be real happy. andy? well that just ain’t gonna ever happen. nola might let me and copper would too but he’s so fat, he has enough insulation, he could survive an artic freeze…he is a little walrus with legs.

  • Heidi says

    a walrus with legs geez carol no wonder he peed in your van. Hope Hook is ok he is such a cool cat. Will be out one day when I can get up early enough to be out before 1pm. Not sleeping at night sucks. Trev is doing well with his obed. classes he might even grad this week.

  • Chris T says

    I can help you buy a new computer once I get rid of the shingles I have now developed.

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