i apologise to babe

Posted: April 19, 2008 at 4:34 pm

i forget to mention so many things, some big and some small simply because so much happens in each day. but what i forgot to mention this time is horrible because it de-valued one of the saints. babe died the other day, she was one of our guinea pigs. i forgot to mention it because shortly after her death, i was in a panic and then rage over frank.

this does not excuse my forgetting that one of our saints passed away. i am not sure why babe died but when i looked closely, i noticed a bit of vaginal discharge. but other than that i couldn’t find anything wrong, she was in really good shape. guinea pigs are so stoic, according to everyone who cared for her in the past week, she was her usual self so her death came as a shock.

i am sorry little one that i was remiss in marking your passing, rest in peace babe.

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  • Marianne says

    I’m sorry for the loss of Bebe. Those little piggies with their adorable faces have a way to leave imprints on our hearts.

    RIP little Bebe and may she be happily munching dandelions at the bridge.


  • I did wonder why you did not mention Babe’s passing but I thought maybe it was cause you were going to ask the vet why she died. She was very pretty and was quite a tough little g pig. I was there for her birth and most of her life. Her Mom was Brandie and I miss them too. Colton, her father must be really lonely now that he has lost them both. I will try to stop in and hold him for a bit often. Eva

  • Colleen says

    Condolences on Babe’s passing.

    I believe I know how very much those guineas and buns mean to you Eva…..so sorry for her loss.

  • Heidi says

    run free little babe!

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