Happy Birthday to Carol

Posted: April 30, 2008 at 2:02 pm

Just so everyone knows, tomorrow is Carol’s birthday. I don’t know how old she will be but maybe she will tell us! I hope you have a great birthday tomorrow and that you are able to do something nice for yourself!

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  • Jean says

    Heheheheh – I know how old she is, and all I will say is it is one of those “landmark” birthdays.
    Happy big one, Carol.

  • Chris T says

    Could it be the big five zero???

  • Julie says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to Carol! Happy Birthday to you!
    have something scrumptious!

  • Angelina says

    Happy Birthday Carol. (tomorrow that is)

  • Carol says

    i have got 50 years of miles on me…that has to be worth something. thx for the well wishes…life goes on, i am more worried about other things..like a certain red whirling wonder…see the next post.

  • Susan from Chicago says

    Happy Birthday Carol! Enjoy!

  • Hi Carol;

    When you go out to the mp. room look on the seat in your truck ok. Eva Part of your gift is at my house I will drop it tomorrow. I just discovered it. I am so ticked with myself, would come back but I don’t want to upset all the animals. I sent you an email Hotmail earlier but I don’t have the shaw email address. Eva

  • Rae says

    Happy Birthday carol. I hope you’ll take some time tomorrow just for you. Whether it’s a Latte,or a Hot Chocolate with Bailey’s and a good movie you need some “Carol Time” Cheers to a wonderful day!!!!!

  • Elaine says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY you have a way to go to catch up to me. lol have a drink for me and see you soon The old Laundry woman

  • Cheryl says

    Happy Birthday. The big 50 is nothing but great!!Have a good one and hopefully Phoebe will can it for a day.

  • lynne says

    hi carol just happy happyhope you have a great birthday lynne

  • Deb says

    Happy birthday, Carol. I hope you are able to take time to be with your (human) family tomorrow, and I also hope you know how many non-family humans respect and admire you. Nobody more than me.

    Mollie and Mabel send their love.

  • Yvette says

    Happy Happy birthday! Mine is coming up too. That must be why we are alike in animal ways!!

  • Renee says

    see you tomorrow:)

  • Beverly says


  • Hillevi says


  • Carol says

    thank you everyone!!!

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