i thought this might be novel and fun….

Posted: May 6, 2008 at 6:29 pm

if someone has a question….go ahead and ask me… no formal rules…it can be about one of the animals or about saints or me…pretty much anything within reason. so…tonight is question and answer night (in between barn bedtime, meds, dog walks, laundry, pee mops ups and american idol.) if you haven’t yet posted on the blog before, it might take a few minutes for your question to be approved.

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  • Susan from Chicago says

    This was fun! Can we do this every week? Please, please? Thanks Carol!

  • Deb says

    I dunno, Leila……hmmmmmmm

    I think I can speak for the tribe when I say we would welcome you both with open, flannel covered arms.

  • Carol says

    lol susan…let’s ask nicole to create an “ask carol (and embarrass her) page!

    ahh julie, i don’t know the answer to that. i have 2 plans in my head and both of them involve my eventual retirement from rescue.

    plan A (which is my preferred plan) is that SAINTS will be independent financially by the time i reach 55. and we will have enough knowledgeable and experienced and dedicated and committed people to take over for me and saints will carry on.

    if this does not happen, by age 55… i start to implement plan B which is to let saints slowly wind down and get smaller by not replacing animals as they leave. hopefully by the time i reach 60, there will just be a few of them and me. we call it a day, i care for them until they pass away….and then i will take a permanent holiday to best friends in utah and call it retirement and play with their animals instead but with out the responsibility.

  • lynne says

    i have a question for you carol, if your still reading this blog. just wondering how you got all your knowledge of different medications, treatments, behaviors of animals etc. i guess it is one thing to rescue animals but you seem to have a lot of knowledge about the health problems. maybe from you being a nurse or just dealing a lot with vets i can always ask you this when i come up. no big deal. lynne

  • Carol says

    nursing humans is not much different than nursing animals…bodies are bodies and most of the things that can go wrong in one species body, can go wrong in another species too…cardiac, renal, hepatic, reproductive, gastro-intestinal, respiratory, neuro, cancers, infectons, virus’…specifics might be slightly different…ie heart rates, body temperatures, chemistry values… but in general, we are more alike than we think. even in species specific diseases like distemper in cats (same disease as parvo in dogs, slightly similar to cholera in humans)…the symptoms, the damage to the GI tract is universal even if the underlying causitive organism is totally different…..so while actual medications might be different, supportive therapies (re-hydration, temp and pain control, rest, protection from opportunistic secondary infections, blood loss replacement etc ) is the same.
    and this is not just physically either…emotionally we are similar too. actual thought processes and behaviors can be similar but they are different also because of perceptions and experience and hereditary/instinct…like… you will never convince a sheep that they are not in actual danger during herding trials and practice…they are prey animals, if something is stalking or chasing or cutting them off…their adrenalin starts flowing, flight or fight kicks in and they are afraid. a human can understand that this is just a game and not real…a sheep will never believe that….the same is true of the greased pig contests…no one chasing and grabbing the piglets wants to hurt them, but if the pigs actually believed that…THEY WOULD NOT RUN….they really think someone is trying to kill them and they too are very afraid.

    living with dogs brings in the whole body language thing, dogs communicate with their bodies…therefore they try to read ours too and we send them all kinds of messages that we think we are not sending when we really are.

    knowledge is accumulative, and it is expandable from one thing to another with general principals to guide you.

    i believe we learn and understand more when we keep our minds open and search for possibilities. but like dogs, we as rescuers are sometimes more comfortable with one level thinking…this is what we do, it has worked before so we do it over and over again…ie… lots of rescues crate and rotate, that is how they manage multi-fosters, that is how they manage behavioral issues like destruction or separation anxiety or house training…it works for alot of dogs. but if it is used on say a dog with SA, house soiling AND confinement fears, crating them can very well blow up their minds.

    i will tell you lynne, this is why i actually love rescue (besides being an animal freak)…it is so varied in some ways, so interconnected in others, and so interestingly challenging because of both.

  • lynne says

    just wanr to say thankyou for explaining that to me. i appreciate the time you took. seeing as you are on afternoon shift. i still think that it is a wonder what you do and i am in awe of that. lynne

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