more stuff to worry on.

Posted: May 14, 2008 at 7:21 am

clyde spent an unhappy night not on my bed. he wanted up so badly but just could not stop himself from whipping around and snapping each time i tried to pick him up. oh well. i actually slept better without that solid log of a dog shoved up against my head.

cuddles the poodle goes in for his full dental extractions today…it is going to be such a horrid day for him…sorry little sweater man but it has to be done.

darla barked from 4 am til 6 when i finally got up…she was happy to see me this morning, not sure if i felt the same.

we have to get the air conditioners ready to operate before this weekend is supposed to be quite hot. i am worried about the big dog room cuz they can’t get into jed’s air conditioned room. i will hang the window tarps on friday…i might have to take the little dog’s portable cooler out to the big guys…geez…i wonder if i can get cole and mugsy to ignore jed’s testicles cuz that would be the best solution for everyone and then we can open up those 2 rooms again. jed needs to be able to wander around more anyway, and those 2 testicle hating morons should just ignore the fact that he still has his….he is a sweet and not dominant dog so i think they should not care. i am going to tell them this when i get home from work, hopefully they will agree!

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