it was briefly peaceful, it was briefly lazy

Posted: May 31, 2008 at 4:50 pm

but soon my adrenalin will be flowing again as i prepare for the next sorry soul.
there is a dog on his way up here. he is 15 yrs old and lives in a pen with a dog house. his owners are almost in their nineties and cannot care for him anymore. the daughter told me the dog had been depressed and rarely came out of the dog house for the past couple of years. recently he has gone a bit stir crazy and is digging out of his pen. his owner is too old to do anything about this except to chain the dog inside the kennel to keep him there.

the daughter can’t take him and she knows he shouldn’t be chained…so saints welcomes whoever he is and i hope we can give him some joy and some peace for his last bit of life…… and i really hope he isn’t too much of a pain.

god help us.

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