Work Party…June 14th…9 am -3 pm

Posted: June 4, 2008 at 10:47 am

sorry for the short notice…nicole is working alot of night shifts, i have had my brain tied in knots and mo is currently the only one on the ball and she phoned me this morning and said lets get this going. lunch and cold drinks will be provided, if anyone has some extra time to spare….we could use some extra help.

ok…we are going again now, thx.

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  • Chris T says

    Carol – what kind of tasks do you have in mind? That way people can think of what they can do and bring tools etc…

  • Carol says

    mostly just painting and yard clean ups…maybe some window washing and tidying/organizing storage areas/shelves, all the stuff we never seem to get to because we are too busy every day.

  • mo says

    I’d like to totally clean out the Pigs stalls , feed room and wash the outside of the barn. I will post more things as I think of them & we can prioritize when we know how many hands are around that day. One of my hands will be busy carrying a beer… Lol

  • Nicole says

    if there are any folks from vancouver/burnaby that would like to come out and help that day, but need a ride out, let me know as i have space for 3.

  • lynne says

    i would like to get all the green stuff off the outside of the house so it looks beter.i meab off the fence beside the multipurpose room

  • Meghann says

    I can help – I like to clean. 🙂

  • Lory says

    Any jobs you need a handy man for? Small construction jobs, fence repairs, electrical problems? Paul is happy to help.

  • Carol says

    hi lory..i really need 4…. 4×4 fence posts cemented into the ground before the synergy folks come to do the memorial garden..if i have the posts and cement and 2×4′;s for bracing and a shovel, do you think he could do that and do we need anything else to do it too?
    and please remind me that i wanted to talk to you about your offer at the AGM, i have been thinking about something that i need someone to help me with.

  • Lory says

    Sounds great. Do you have a wheelbarrow? If not, we can bring one. I didn’t want to bug you about my offer at the AGM but now you have brought it up, I will!!

  • Hi Carol;

    Hope to help at the work party, but will depend on the kids and football, will let you know closer to the time ok. Eva

  • Carol says

    we have FOUR real wheelbarrows and two wanna-be plastic things!

  • Zoe says

    Nicole! Carpool!
    P.S. Everybody remember when we said the fundraiser would be epic?! Same thing applies to work party.
    Prepare your lovely selves!

  • Dawne says

    Hi Carol,
    You can count on me being there…If you need an extra guy with tools, that can be arranged too!


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