selective memory

Posted: June 5, 2008 at 7:59 am

nice weather…too much of a good thing. i don’t really want to run out of water this summer but i would like the sheep to dry out and warm up so we can shear them. vets today, ferrier tomorrow…the shearer, i am not so sure about but i know it has to stop raining first.

phoebe is going to break her neck…she is twisting and turning and contorting herself to get better covered up with her fleece. i am impressed, if i ever tried to do what she is doing, i’d end up in a hospital bed. anyway she is a good weather barometer…it is cool and wet again today and hence her need for warmth. i am not sure how she can bend like that so early in the morning tho. carly finally settled and slept last night, she needed a 10 minute pitbull wrestling match and a bedtime pittie-tough rubdown….then all was well. she is such a dork.
apparently, sunny (the freaky one of the fruit loops) was feeling warm and fuzzy all night. he parked himself next to cuddles and me and every time one of us moved, it was a signal to start purring and head butting us both. which other animal was it that used to only feel safe and normal in the deep dark of the night and would maul me with affection when i was trying to sleep?…. i have this deja vu thing going on but i cannot for the life of me specifically pin it down to which one.

“the thing i have lost that i miss the most is my memory.”…who said that?
i guess the day doesn’t officially start until i move, there’s alot to be done….sigh…it is too bad i can’t forget to work!

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  • Francesca Wilson says

    Hi Carole
    Marie and I will be out this coming Wednesday – we can do cat room and rabbit room. On June 14th Don and I will come – happy to help with anything at all.
    Take care

  • Emma says

    Carol – How is Honey and Nicole?

  • Nicole says

    we are doing okay. i haven’t given her permission to go anywhere…so right now she’s doing good.
    Added to her growing list of many woes, she has non-regenerative anemia (similiar to what the Americats, Aladdin and Albus, died from) caused by a bone marrow problem, but she is eating and still has energy (honey level) so i’m trying to ignore the disease part and just focus on her.
    thank you for asking.

  • Deb says

    “Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most” ~ Samuel Langhorne Clemens. (aka Mark Twain) 1835-1910

  • Chris T says

    Oh and I thought Russell Crowe wrote that line! It is in one of his songs…

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