a few new photos

Posted: June 19, 2008 at 5:31 pm


Alfred Princeton (aka Broken jaw kitty)


Alfred again:

Jed playing with a frisbee


And lastly a photo of Honey:

4 Comments on "a few new photos"

  • Chris T says

    How is Honey doing Nicole?

  • Emma says

    Alfred Princeton is so handsome if I didn’t have my hands full with 3 cats already I would snap him up in a flash. When will he be ready for adoption? I know someone who is looking to adopt after the summer. I think he should be Sir Alfred Princeton! ( I do think Princeton is a more regal name for him – sorry Nicole!)

  • Jean says

    Great pictures! I think I’m in love with Boots, and I can sure see why Sir Alfred Princeton called to your heart to rescue him.

  • Deb says

    “Boots” is now Tucker, and is enjoying living the good life. After a few days of readjustment, all is well here. Tucker is a love, so true to his Lab roots. He is painfully thankful for each and every little act of kindness, it is heartbreaking. Tuck is loved, and he’s beginning to “get it”. 🙂

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