ok, i am sorry but….

Posted: June 23, 2008 at 7:59 am

little wanna-be farmer carol here, just checked the 14 day weather forecast and we happen to need a little bit of rain for the upper pasture lime/fertilizer/seed to kick start and for the new sod in the memorial garden….not too much cuz i don’t want jeanette to get wet…but just enough to moisten the ground each evening would be very helpful around here. and i am not prepared yet for our well going thru it’s summer dry spell by hastening the process and hand watering more than an acre twice a day….i knew we were getting too late in the season but crap i thought with the crappy rainy weather we could just squeeze in another week…apparently not.

best laid plans of mice and men and wanna-be farmers on a steep learning curve.

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  • Cheryl says

    Please Carol NO NO NO!! I am sorry but for the last month we have been trying to get our house painting. I am sick of the mess and the disruption. One day good next day bad.

    Oh o-kay if you just give me the next 3 days of dry (which says may not happen per Mark Madreyga on Global) then you can have your bitty rain you need to be a farmer!

    Good luck Jeanette. I was so worried about her I called and bothered Mo on her Saturday night to find out how Jeanette was doing. Sorry Mo hated to take you away from Animal Planet!!

  • mo says

    How sad is that, I’m sitting at home on a saturday night watching animal planet. I was pretty bagged after Saturday !!

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