Very Short Post…

Posted: June 23, 2008 at 7:55 pm

I am posting for Kathy.  She had a garage sale this weekend with the help of Tammy and her sister Sandra and Kathy’s mom (I was suppose to help too but I spent a lot of time standing waaay back with Quinn instead of helping.)  Kathy’s garage sale raised 600 dollars for SAINTS.  Kathy, Tammy, Sanda, and Kathy’ mom I can tell the saintly crew are all thanking you!

6 Comments on "Very Short Post…"

  • lynne says

    i dont know yo guys but way to go. saints will appreciate it.

  • Chris T says

    That is excellent. That is alot of money for a garage sale! Thank you for doing it for the SAINTS!

  • Carol says

    thx so much guys…i know i have been hard to get a hold of the past few days…dead cell, downed cows, memorial gardens…. but trust me, and i really mean this…. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Rae says

    Gosh that’s great. You guys have really good garage sales!!!

  • Awesome garage sale!! Tammy said it was quite slow and yet you did well. Every bit helps. The memorial garden is so nice too. All the people that helped there and with Jeanette were great too. Eva

  • mo says

    Great Job, Well done. sorry I couldn’t help out. I would have loved to see Quinn.

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