Heidi can I get your phone number???

Posted: August 7, 2008 at 11:00 am

Sorry to use your block this way Carol but I didn’t how else to get ahold of Heidi.  Sorry Heidi, I wrote your number down wrong, then deleted the message.  Can you email me at leilakullar@citylumbersales.com with you phone number.  Thanks, Leila.

3 Comments on "Heidi can I get your phone number???"

  • carol says

    i didn’t forget leila…heidi didn’t come the next day!!!!

  • Heidi says

    I wanted to come but syringe feeding my moms cat every 4 hours is time consuming and very messy. At least he is docile and doesn’t bite or scratch. I will be out when I can spend some time and help out.

  • Carol says

    that is ok…i actually forgot you didn’t come til leila posted for your number (that would be the recognition part of my memory that works quite well!) i told her i would get it when you came and i didn’t want her to think that i had forgotten (which i kind of did but might not have)

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