small things make their day

Posted: August 19, 2008 at 7:13 am

i am dropping nola off at the vet this morning…i am not sure that i want to hear anything that could possibly be said…i don’t want to hear they are malignant, i don’t want to hear that they aren’t but are too big to be operable anyway, and i am really sure i don’t want to hear that they are operable because holy smoke that will be a huge and brutal surgery and recovery period too. it sucks when all options suck.

sorry i didn’t post yesterday, long day and i was tired with not much to say.

well better get my butt in gear to feed the barn guys and get nola to the vet before i go to work.

the good news this morning is nola managed to suck renee into letting her into the kitchen…we all know she is now a permanent fixture in here because once they get in, they refuse to leave again. nola has been smiling since i got home last night, she has finally become a “kitchen dog.” the next place i build is going to just be one freaking giant kitchen.
small things….

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