notice to volunteers today at saints

Posted: August 31, 2008 at 7:34 am

1. there may not be any water today at all….the water guy must have closed the valve on the second tank for some reason and it is stuck and i can’t get it open. i am trying to refill the pump from the well but i think the pump is damaged from running dry……..soooo, besides shit, crap, %^%##^&…..use the green rain barrels for water today and tomorrow and go EASY on the water use cuz we won’t be able to get any help with a plumber til tuesday,

2. wolfie and zues are back…they will be in the big storage shop if their dad comes looking for them today,

3. i will be home at lunch break for meds and feeding and to work on the house cleaning….no staff here today or tomorrow.
4. i have my cell phone if anyone needs me.

not a happy camper here this morning.

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