i feel like i am on a tread mill….

Posted: September 13, 2008 at 11:36 pm

and not really getting anywhere…i find myself cleaning the same areas over and over…if everyone would just go to sleep, i might actually get thru it all.

i am getting tired tho, i find myself disinterested and detached…a sure sign i need to get to bed tonight and get a decent sleep.

news from today….there really isn’t any, except gideon had a bad spell at bedtime but seems to be ok now. i am not all that worried about tomorrow since i can’t seem to get thru today. but i am apologizing in advance is i seem doltish at the open house cuz i am pretty sure i have lost the ability to think.

one more load of laundry and put away my waiting basket of clothes and then i am grabbing three little white dogs and heading off to my bed.

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