what makes me nervous when doing adoptions

Posted: September 16, 2008 at 7:26 am

1. friends, family or relatives of mine or someone who knows me. what i am looking for in each individual home doesn’t change because someone has a personal referral. with strangers it is much easier..this is the right home for this animal or not without the struggle of how to say so.

2. anyone involved in rescue…either a rescuer or a peripheral person because generally they already have too many animals which for these guys, depending on their needs, is just a sideways move. i cap the limit at 3 animals, same species, per each committed, involved adult in the home…two arms each and a lap can easily contain three if everyone wants cuddles at the same time….3 dogs and three cats are ok cuz they will come looking at different times…but not six dogs or six cats cuz their timing could well be the same and someone will be left out and wanting….now i have made exceptions to this depending on alot of things but it is a general rule that i start with to make sure they get what they need.
3. anyone who has actively sought to acquire a significant number of animals over a relatively short period of time. this brings up the warning bells of on a mission of possibly collecting while still seeking something not yet found. this does not include foster families who make room for one more in need until a home can be found. one of my foster homes placed a dog she had rescued (but with our contract) with a nice couple who then went insane and took in 10 dogs in the next couple of years…not sure what they were thinking and i was unaware cuz i hadn’t done the adoption til i got an email and they were suddenly trying to “downsize.”

4. any one looking for a small dog or puppy, anyone looking for barn guys for their hobby farm, anyone looking for a small animal that potentially could live in a cage (like bunnies, and GP’s and hamsters)….these ones make me nervous because these are so specific.  i have definite non negotiable ideals on how they should live. there is always so much that can go wrong with anything, but especially with animals with current societal acceptable care views vulnerable due to size, age or species….no crate training my puppies, a crate is fine in an emergency to to keep them safe while you are busy for an hour or less, but don’t even think a baby whatever is living in a crate while you toddle off work or go to bed cuz that just is never going to happen. no carrying the tiny ones around in a purse (they have 4 freaking feet so please let them use them to safely explore their world)… no bunnies living 24/7 in a cage, and no my barn guys are not just field ornaments until someone gets tired of all of the work that they make.
out of all of the things that i do here…choosing the right home is the hardest, if i mess it up, i just set them up to be hurt again. the thought of that just kills me so i try to avoid it the best that i can,

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  • Marie Bellemare says

    I read your blog regularly. My thoughts are with you and people contributing and with the animals. I never left any comments – you guys are busy enough but this time I just had a strong reaction reading how you felt re: the adoptions and I just wanted to say – actually I wanted to scream it so loud you could hear it at the other side of the country: I LOVE YOU !!!!!! Thank you sooooooooooo much for those animals that cross your path… a simple thank you from my heart… from Montreal, Qc

  • Carol says

    marie…let me guess….you must be a rescuer with the same issues popping up occasionally. welcome to the blog…it is maybe a bit nutty at times, but then that’s me.
    nice to meet someone from montreal!.

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