saints marks the passing of roxy

Posted: October 2, 2008 at 9:07 pm

she was one of our permanent foster dogs…i think she was pretty close to 19 yrs old. rest in peace roxy and hugs to your foster mom, i know she is really going to miss you.

roxy was a grand ole dame.

3 Comments on "saints marks the passing of roxy"

  • Rae says

    Rest in Peace Roxy

  • Heidi says

    Sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Roxie.

  • Elaine says

    Roxy was such a loving dog. So gentle . So cute. /Wonderful with cats. Enjoyed being groomed and had her favorite cats to sleep with. Wish I took some pictures of her. Will miss her greatly , sShe was a great cuddler always wanting to be with. Rest in peace my dear Roxy lv you

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