it was a difficult night

Posted: October 27, 2008 at 8:08 am

tyler seizured twice more and is currently in the post-dictal phase of pacing unseeingly around, bouncing off walls and doors and barriers that i have erected to keep him as safe as i can. i have a headache from worry and stress….i think he has an even bigger one..poor, poor boy. i wish that the valium had stopped his heart last night so he could have just slipped away in his sleep.

i haven’t been out to see jess for a couple of hours…i am heading there now.

i don’t know what i hope for today for both of them when the vet arrives, except maybe…just some comfort, feeling safe and some way to help them find peace. for me i hope for some kind of concrete resolution…yes we can make them better and this is what we do or no we cannot and so we let them go.

i should have just phoned in sick for today…i think whatever happens, today will continue to be a difficult day to live thru.

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  • Rae says

    Wishing that all is well at Saints this afternoon and hopefully both Jessie and Ty are without pain.

  • lynne says

    i was trying to remember the story of how tyler came to be at saints. i usually do not forget but this one for some reason i cannot remember. if you hae time could you blog it as i would like to know. thanks.

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