regarding yesterdays photo session….

Posted: November 2, 2008 at 8:28 am

i should tell everyone a couple of things…like ain’t no one but me going to get to see them for awhile…they are an xmas/thank you gift for the volunteers which is why i needed sheena to take photos that no one else has ever seen before. (it would be tacky to ask volunteers to take photos so i could give them back as a gift to them) after the gift giving is done, we will for sure share them on the website (with proper credit to sheena)…so don’t bug me mo!!!! i am not caving…you have to wait for santa! if you are lucky sheena might post a couple of them with funny captions on her site, if not, rest assured at least  i will be enjoying myself for the next couple of months sorting thru them for you.

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