i got home late fom work last night

Posted: November 4, 2008 at 8:49 am

and then spent the evening catching up on answering emails…this is always a bit of a challenge and sometimes puts me in a bad mood….some of the stuff that comes thru here is just plain nutty and a huge waste of my time but still needs to be dealt with, it just depends how many back and forth emails it takes. you can always tell the nutbars…multiple, increasingly pissed emails demanding an immediate response…if it hits four within a couple of day period, my rule is now just delete. impatient people make crappy animal homes anyway..no point in the resulting email stream trying to explain why they can’t have that dog, they don’t think impatience is a liability. at least in my paid job with a bad day i can say i get paid for it…at saints, it’s all for free.

we are planning some major room changes in the next few weeks…i think it will work better for the animals and i am really hoping it works better for me.

still raining, oh joy and time to leave for work.

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