not posting tonight

Posted: November 4, 2008 at 9:16 pm

i am frustrated on too many counts. maybe tomorrow i will talk about it, tonight i am just tired of it all.

one quick piece of good news tho…milo went to his new home. great dog, great home, great match…i love you milo, so glad to have had you here.

i am going to go see if cleo would like to lay on my bed.

2 Comments on "not posting tonight"

  • Rae says

    Night Carol and Cleo. Hope tomorrows a better day

  • lynne says

    hope whatever is bugging you gets resolved. i suppose tho it is just one thing after another. i am so glad that milo has his new home. he is a great dog. i have that article you wanted. i will bring it up on saturday. have a good day.

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