finally adding some photos…

Posted: November 15, 2008 at 8:04 pm

Zoe and her beloved Codi:

Oka looking for light spots on the floor:

Ginger the new 16 year old saints (trying to disappear into the floor):

Shylo the angry kitty who uses her kennel as a toilet:

The beautiful Nina in a new coat:

4-Lane, Runway, what ever you want to call him…

New FF cats: (Carol will name them in the comments as I don’t know them by name yet)


15 Comments on "finally adding some photos…"

  • Rae says

    Beautiful pictures!!!!

  • Jean says

    Wonderful photos! I love the one of Oka and several of the cat ones. They’d make great notecards or blank cards for a fundraiser. Simply beautiful.

  • Emma says

    That grey cat looks just like my old cat Kibble! (who passed away last year) I can’t stop staring at it but it makes me cry too! I love how they just welcome each other into their circle. Now they are not all Americats anymore!

  • Carol says

    lol…i am american and live in canada and i am still american and i love canada too…the americats will always be the americats, they are just sharing their home with the canadia-cats!…no more Forgotten Felines, the canadia-cats are forgotten no more.

  • Carol says

    the first 2 grey cat photos are betsy.
    the grey rolling around kitty is brianne.
    asia is the beautiful blue eyed lynx cross.

    then serena and her babes…stella and colby in the back’
    mikey and james in the front and i have no idea where sidney is (she is an orange girl)

    then we have regal grey bruce with equally regal merlin
    mother theresa is the long haired dilute calico
    bruce and merlin loving each other

    and nicole!!!!! where the heck is my weezie louise?????

  • Colleen says

    The photo of the 2 head-butting/caressing shakes me to my core. It got inside me.

    Wonderful photos. Just beautiful.

    Thanks for the heart smile Nicole.

  • Emma says

    Carol-I can’t make it out there tomorrow before 1pm. Will anyone or you be there after 1pm?? I can come next Sunday instead if not.

  • lynne says

    omg i love the pics of the cats but i really love codi. i am so so glad she is wth zoe and happy she deserves that. thankyou zoe.

  • Marisa says

    Hey Carol,

    How old are the grey cats? Are they all litter-mates? THey’re Xtremely gorgeous!

  • Carol says

    emma… i will out in the afternoon when i finally get a rental.
    marisa….my guess is that they are siblings and around 8 months old…very sad to be affected with FeLV so young.

  • laura says

    I just love Oka!!!!

  • Hillevi says

    Beautiful, beautiful photos! I love Merlin and Bruce. I love the babies. I love the blue eyes in so many of these wonderful cats. I wish I could take them all – oh my goodness – they are all so beautiful. I, too, think that these pictures would make great notecards, calendars, etc. Just so amazing.

  • Excuse me;

    It is I who need these pics!! The charts are remaining empty of these beautiful pics and they would really be wonderful to put in them if you don’t mind Carol and Nicole of the Saints crew. Especially the deceased so the people for ever can see what the wonderful Saints look like in colour!! This week?? Eva

  • Sheena says

    The head butting photo is so touching, I love it!

    *calls dibs on a kitten*

  • Carol says

    mikey (the little orange babe) is such a tiny big baby….he cries, i run…fair warning, i intend to spoil those kittens so any of them will fit right in with your woo’s!

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