the duck is here

Posted: November 15, 2008 at 7:10 pm

lily or floyd? anyone want to come and sex the new sainted duck for us please? he is filthy and weak (his rescuers fed him pedialite which helped him get back on his feet, so he must have been dehydrated from being flipped over on his back and unable to right himself to eat or drink because they clipped off the end of his wings….jesus f’ing christ, we are a barbaric species) he has a nasal discharge and diarrhea…apparently he came from an organic farm…so i guess organic does not mean humane, responsible care either. he is in isolation in the office and i started him on tetracycline…frodo is pissed but he said no cats or dogs in there, he said nothing about sick ducks waylaid on their way to slaughter.

he is quite a social, personable and friendly guy and i bet he really enjoys his first real duck bath of his entire life, tomorrow.

welcome floyd-lily, hope you like it here.

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  • Erika says

    If his tail feather curl upwards quite a bit, he is probably a he, but it might be hard to tell if he is really dirty and missing feathers.

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