lost dog (again)

Posted: January 19, 2009 at 1:03 pm

A classmate of mine’s brother has lost his dog in the mission area again. Unfortunately they hit black ice last night near Dewdney Truck and 270th (i think). Their suv rolled many times and landed upside down. Jade was ejected from the car and my friend’s brother was trapped, once the firefighters got him out they went looking for her but came up with nothing even with the firefighters heat sensoring thing. She is lost and scared. She weighs around 65lbs.

Jade is the dog in the front


If found or seen please call Melissa’s brother at 778-242-9554.

6 Comments on "lost dog (again)"

  • Mo says

    This is my worst nightmare in print…. I hit black ice last year & thankfully hit a hydro pole or I may have toppled over the edge & rolled. I feel sick thinking of Melissa’s brother & Jade . I will pray that Jade is safe & reunited with his person soon. Keep us posted.

  • nicole says

    very happy to say that Jade was found last night near the accident site. she has a few scraps but amazingly has nothing broken. yay!!

  • Lindsay says

    Thank you for letting us know, Nicole.

    We sort of suffer silently out here until we find out. 🙂

  • laura says

    GREAT!! I love happy endings.

  • laura says

    GREAT!! I love happy endings.

  • Carol says

    i am glad she is safe (and really glad i did not end up with those 2 other dogs that i was chasing down in case they were her!)

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