not sure if my foul mood has moved on

Posted: February 6, 2009 at 8:50 am

because i feel all stuffy and flu-like this morning. i guess i will see if i think any of these morons are funny today….if i do then i am foul mood free.

we are just about to have a staff meeting..time to discuss resource management like shavings, litter and working hours. i might have to start cutting paid hours so we need to figure out what the staff needs to survive and how much more i can take on while still meeting the animals needs.

and to be perfectly honest so readers don’t completely start freaking out along with me…i did manage to put $25,000 of mugsy and cleo’s legacy away in a saints GIC. but…my gut and any money sense i have says if i want saints to survive into the future past me…. DO NOT TOUCH THAT GIC.
anyway….this will not be a fun meeting. it is going to be scary and depressing for everyone, including me.

…i better go get it done BEFORE another emergency cancels the meeting.

i am so not a manager/business minded kind of person…i worry about the staff, i worry about the animals, shit man…i worry about me…i hate this kind of thing. i just don’t have the skill and strength in this part of being responsible for the running and wellbeing of everything.

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