tunie is such a good pig

Posted: February 10, 2009 at 6:08 pm

she is calm and peaceful and honest and trustworthy…name me one other pig on the entire planet that you can totally trust living in a feed room? she takes the trust i have in her seriously, she waits with the utmost benevolent patience as i prepare her food. no screaming no fussing, no carrying on like certain pink pig princesses around here. occasionally a cheerful little tug on my pant leg to gently remind me to notice she is waiting as patiently as she is.

she has this rock hard petrified ball of blood (she has been vaginally bleeding on and off for almost a year) and hair and hay hanging from her tail. i keep meaning to get to it but i never seem to figure out exactly how this was to be done. so tonight it came to me and  i asked her if i could take off a little while she had an extra apple for dessert. she agreed so i tugged and i carefully cut and pulled and  she stood rock solid still and ate her dessert. when she was finished her apple she said that i was done now too and she said this by just taking a quiet step to the side.

i love this pig…she is peaceful and wise. she is a very good friend to me and i just realized how much i mssed our time together preparing dinner lately because renee has been doing it for me.

she and i will work on that tail together again  tomorrow night.

i love you petunia-fish, you are a very good pig and a very good friend.

3 Comments on "tunie is such a good pig"

  • laura says

    Tunie is a great pig…that is why we don’t always hear about her…she is not causing any headaches! Great blog about friendship!!

  • Marie Bellemare says

    ohhhhhhhh this was so pleasant to read… thank you for sharing Carol… I don’t comment often but I’m here, with the SAINTS, in spirit… marie

  • SteveO says

    Ya she is a good pig….she bitch’s when I pet her …but when I give her treat she settles down…..n she doesn’t mess up my great work…..unlike some dogs that shall remain anonamos….(where the hell is the spell check) 🙂 🙂

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