work mornings suck

Posted: February 24, 2009 at 5:54 pm

whining here…..i can’t do anything extra on work day mornings…nothing, nada, zippo,  except deal with what i have to deal with here and get myself into work.
early work mornings SUCK around here, they are stressful. i have 20 minutes to myself with a hot cup of tea when i first get up and then i run from A to B to C to D with mops, and paper towels and insulin syringes and food bowls and open and close doors over and over trying to get these guys all out to pee. i am watching the clock constantly, counting minutes inside my head against tasks i have to do and freaking out under my breath. the animals don’t know how stressed i am because i have learned to seem quiet and calm and peaceful while i move thru everything. but i don’t relax til i make it at a reasonable time to my office desk.
in the morning my time does not belong to me…it belongs to the animals and to my employer who is paying me to get to work on time and because of the animals, that is really hard for me.

if folks think about all the stuff they have to do in the morning before they go to work and then added 100 animals to be responsible for they might have some idea about what i mean. it is nutz.

it was one of the reasons we went to paid staff but even that only starts at 9 am. from 3 pm each afternoon til i leave for work just before 8 the next morning, the only one responsible to meet their immediate needs… is me. if someone is sick or has diarrhea painted all over the room, there ain’t no one to take care of it but me. and with the numbers of animals here every morning, the variety of issues that can face me is mind boggling.
its a heavy load in the early morning…it is almost bigger than me.
anyway…i just want to put this out there so if i am abrupt on a phone call early in the morning or unhelpful to a friend or a loved one in need….it is not because i really don’t care or am selfish…it is because i am insanely busy.

days off are best to catch me free for some of the nicer things and even work day afternoons i can shift around in a pinch but there is no room for me to manouver an inch in the morning if i have to get my ass into work.

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