i really like winter

Posted: February 26, 2009 at 9:33 pm

(the cat NOT the season)

she is like a breath of fresh air around here. firstly she is stunningly beautiful. secondly she is absolutely adorable with her little one eyed look. and thirdly she is totally fun.

i walk past a scratch post and she reaches out and grabs me. i go to switch the laundry around and she climbs into the dryer. i fold up a huge pile of towels and she knocks them down to the floor. i go to have a bath and both of her front feet reach under the door and she tries to steal the bath mat. i sit down to the computer to type and she balances across my shoulders.

to winter…. life is fun, life is an adventure, life is pretty freaking interesting.

i like that about her, winter just pleasantly trucking along doing her very own interesting thing.

nice cat…hmmm…i have frodo, i have dixie chick….hmmmm, i am thinking maybe i can have winter too?

sigh…better wait a bit longer til it seems like no one will ever want her…then i can tell her that i really want her so she doesn’t feel bad… she is a lovely, lovely cat.

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