i am quiet tonight

Posted: February 27, 2009 at 9:09 pm

cuz i feel like screaming the “F” word at least a dozen times…oh what is bugging me? the list is just too long and exhausting to even try to explain…we will just leave it at it is one of those days.

sooooo, i am going to bed, maybe tomorrow will be a nicer rescue day.

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  • lynne says

    oh oh hopefully tomorrow is a better day. i do not know how you do all you do and do it every day. at times my 3 dogs drive me nuts and your animals are multiplied by so many more. wish i could help you more.

  • Carol says

    geez lynne it is not the animals that get my knickers in a giant knot, it is people.

  • lynne says

    yikes, my apologies i know it is not your animals that get your knickers in a giant knot, i see you with them every weekend. they are your world and anyone who has been there knows that. i also know how many people try to tell you how to run your shelter, think they know better and are just generally irritating.those kind of people are never going to go away, especially when they can read your blog and tear it apart. it spreads a lot of unneccesary hurt.

  • Carol says

    hah..i forgot about THOSE kind of people…it is the phone calls and emails this week begging for saints to be the solution to all of the minor pet problems in the world that is driving me insane this week.

  • lynne says

    that was my next guess lol

  • Lindsay says

    At the risk of sounding repetitive…

    Why don’t you punt phone and e-mail triage off to a volunteer? All it would take is one little tiny IP phone: the calls and e-mails could be forwarded to someone else…Carol gets to focus on the animals, not the people…I sort of don’t see what’s wrong with that…

  • Carol says

    we keep talking about it but never actually get around to it…but we do need to make it a priority

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