ok…this made me laugh out loud!

Posted: March 16, 2009 at 5:54 pm

Hi Carol…do you know what Este has eaten so far?……a shoe and various children’s toys. No big deal this stuff wasn’t mine, it was Hana’s. Today she crossed the line, she chewed up, then threw up my favourite bra and a deck of cards. I think she is quite pleased with herself. I am on my way to the mall…oh yeah did I mention going thru the garbage is her favourite pass time. Are you sure I didn’t get a puppy? I think she lied her way into SAINTS, she’s no old timer.

She’s lovely, we will have to learn to hide the things we like.


sorry dawn…i believe that este never had a real puppyhood so she is making up for lost time….i can just see her…she is a dolt but gawd she sounds like she is happily having a blast and very cute.

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