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Posted: March 24, 2009 at 5:57 am

the rock joined the door screamers looking for their dinner last night..he actually ate some of their naturopathic-immune booster laced food…he must have been really hungry.

i checked lahanie ;last night when i got home..all was well. no apparent bad effects from his drugged induced sleepiness yesterday

i made the mistake of watching “the boy in the striped pajamas” last night. i just couldn’t sleep afterwards. i was trying to figure out what makes individuals and whole populations of family loving people so utterly it fear, is it ignorance, is it just something dark and ugly in all of humanity?

i finally decided it was our ability to lie and then make ourselves believe. small lies, big lies…it really doesn’t matter…it is our tendency to re-write the past and present and manipulate it to our needs that makes us the darkest and most dangerous and deadly species this planet has ever seen.

anyway, after the movie, i was profoundly disturbed..i was thinking of the small lie protected unkindness with the animals i see, or the massive horrific global atrocities that i read…i felt more than ashamed or sickened…i felt like i just didn’t want to be human…i felt being human was dishonest and dirty.

i know there is alot ofร‚ย  true goodness is in the world and i know alot of goodness is really just well constructed lies and i know how much just plain mean-ness is cloaked in said or written supposed honesty, but basically is still self-serving human lies.

we lie so much now, we really don’t even know what truth is anymore.

why isn’t lying illegal? why doesn’t the “church” teach that lies will consign us all to hell right here on earth? i think it is because as a species it is basically ingrained in our genes….and lying is just too easy and convenient a way to fulfill our endless needs.

i want to be a dog…intrinsic to their species…complete honesty in what they want and need.

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  • Helga says

    There’s a hell of a lot of good people and good acts out there too. Its just that the bad stuff gets most of the media attention and the overwhelming impression is that everything is evil and nasty. There is a lot of good.


  • Mo says

    I am sorta laughing right now.. cuz i believe that my Levi does lie… perhaps lie is not the correct word.. but he is pretty sneaky when he wants something or wants a spot to lie down that someone else is already occupying.. he will pretend like he has something pretty special & when the other dog lets go of what they have or gets up from the spot he wants… he makes his move & gets his way.

    He is also very good at getting you to bend down to pet him & what he really wants is…. to give you a big french kiss . I love that dog !!!

  • SteveO says

    Quote Carol “dogs are a pain in the ass. ”

    Quote Carol “i want to be a dog ”

    Which is it babe….are ya tellin us ya wanna be a PITA….hey even I just got that play…. on words… ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh I guess thats PETA….does that stand for …People Eating Tastey Animals…. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ OH WAIT I guess Im on the Wrong site for that kinda humour…sorry couldn’t resist

  • Carol says

    sadly,…PETA currently appears to stand for

    Terminating companion

    i want to be a pain in the ass dog….it is way nicer than what i saw in that movie.

  • Patti says

    I am happy to hear the Rock is eatting on his own and asking for more… it’s so encourgaing when they perk up after a rough patch.

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