Volunteer needed

Posted: March 26, 2009 at 6:12 am

to represent SAINTS at the Pedigree Adoption Drive Fundraising  Event at Walmart in Abbotsford Saturday March 28th 11 am -4pm.

email or call carol if able to attend.

sorry for the short notice…i was planning on attending the original date then it was cancelled and re-booked on a working day for me and i forgot to ask if anyone else was available..oops.

4 Comments on "Volunteer needed"

  • dawn says

    I have left you a voice mail, if needed I can & want to be there on Saturday.


  • Carol says

    that would be great dawn…i can give you some brochures to hand out too.

  • Carol says

    this is covered now by dawn and kathy k…THANK YOU GUYS!!!! dawn could you please phone me on my cell and i will meet you in abbotsford friday evening to give you some brochures?

  • dawn says

    Yes, I will call you tomorrow when I am home. If it’s easier, I will drive to you.

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