Carol can’t post…

Posted: April 11, 2009 at 8:43 pm

Apparently the cats spilled milk all over Carol’s keyboard. She has another one and she is hoping that Angelina will take pity on her tomorrow and hook it up. The new keyboard is on top of the microwave.

I am wondering if one of those foldable keyboards from Targus would work for Carol? They seem to be completely sealed.

3 Comments on "Carol can’t post…"

  • Angelina says

    I will set it up tomorrow.

  • Nicole says

    random thought…another idea would be to maybe not give the cats milk near the keyboard!
    i know that won’t happen.
    don’t know where, but we should get those plastic covers that people with dirty fingers use (that sounds bad, but i mean like at machine shops etc). i’ll ask my brother if he has any idea.
    we also need to find a way to save the monitor from the orange cats!!!

  • Chris T says

    Ha, ha you are funny Nicole! Besides if they didn’t spill milk on it, someone would just pee on it anyway.

    The targus one kind of looks like that. It looks like you could just wipe it off.

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