happy easter everyone

Posted: April 13, 2009 at 6:15 am

i had easter dinner with my son’s to be inlaws on saturday and had a chance to meet ang’s extended family…really nice people. and yesterday another easter dinner with my family while on my dinner break from work. that was just so much fun, i really enjoy our family dinners. my kids and their partners are all coming to the pub night (eric’s birthday is on the 17th, so i told them it was his birthday dinner…or at least the only one he was going to get from his mom)…not sure about my ex brian..he has broken his right wrist (i always thought hockey was dangerous esp for the “mature”) he is self conscious about trying to eat with his left hand…i said i would feed him but he just gave me “the look.” so i am holding his ticket while he ponders…animal rescue pubnight..not so interesting…dinner with his family, hmmm..that is something good…independently eating pasta in public without any help from me…now that’s something to cause worry.

anyway i get his whole reluctance thing…breaking bones and trying to do normal things is not much fun.

the easter bunny came to saints and left a basket of bath and chocolate goodies for me on my bathroom sink. the note said it was from the crippled crew but i know this is not true cuz they would have eaten the chocolate before they gave it to me.

soooo…thank you easter bunny, after a difficult week that was a real special treat!

the next couple of weeks should be easier..i have a few extra days off and then a weeks holidays to catch up on things.

betsy is doing ok with her tube feed, not sure if i did the right thing or not. if she gets better, i guess i did and if she doesn’t then i screwed up again. at least she is getting the nutrition she needs to get better if she can and without the trauma of force feeding her. the tubefeed is gentle and she just quietly lays by the fire while we put the feed in ever so very slowly. she doesn’t like it if we go too fast.

shilo had a peaceful passing…she was only 12 yrs old. i never did figure her out…was she just deeply hopeless or was she hiding something deadly like cancer…it is hard not knowing. but i made that choice not to go looking to find out because i felt she truly just wanted to be free. i do hope it wasn’t just being here with me.

maybe when my time comes, all of these guys will finally tell me what i couldn’t always see.

i held apollo’s insulin last night..he hasn’t eaten in 24 hours and i just didn’t dare to give it to him in case his bloodsugars bottomed out. he will have to go to the vet today again…and i am not sure if regulating him is just a hopeless cause. when do i stop trying fpr him? i don’t know the answer to that one either.

unlike maybe shilo, he is ok with where he is…esp. since i moved him back into the medical room which he likes alot better.

even on stat holidays when my extra wages are a really nice thing…i a worry about not being here in case he needs me.

apollo can you please try to get your bloodsugars within a managable range? use visualization…blood sugar=8.

oh and the goat with the broken leg will have his orthopedic surgery today…the vet will also neuter him so he will be all ready to come to saints, maybe tonight…sheila said she could get him for me cuz i am working…or maybe tomorrow..i am off and angelina is actually in surrey tomorrow so she said she could pick him up too (if he will fit in her back seat.)

the goat naming contest is on….i am thinking pepe…nicole is for rammi…and tammy is for stu….any other suggestions for a name for our new member of the saintly crew?

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  • Heidi says

    please not stu. sorry tammy. it has bad memories for me. but since i’m not out all that often and don’t do the barn guys i don’t feel i should really get much of a say. trev is sleeping big time too. they slept alot here (on my bed) also went for major walks. i’m missing copper, hope he is not missing us. see you at the pub night. lol about your x. in a nice way

  • Mo says

    Hmmm I like Pepe… for the reasons we spoke about on the week-end ( actually I just like trying to mimic the accent… think romantic skunk ), we need to wait until he arrives & get to know his personality… however in the meantime..

    Houdini ( hopefully he’s not )

  • emma says

    How ’bout Rambo instead of Rammi?

  • Deb says

    I like Elvis, Mo. 🙂

  • Meghann says

    In the spirit of me procrastinating the work I have to do, here are a few pictures I took the last time I was out with Nicole and Zoe.

    Ellie, the picture of contentment:

    Spot (looking less than impressed at me) and Percy (after almost bowling me over when I was crouched down, taking pictures of Ellie):

    Floyd (who wouldn’t stop moving):

    And finally Jack, who I’m just smitten with:

  • Shelley says


  • Anita Quinn says

    how’s about “Go T” or “Bill(y)”…whatever you go with he’s a lucky little goat being cared for by SAINTS staff….hey what about Lucky??

  • Rae says

    I like Scooter

  • emma says

    Gordon the goat??

  • vadie says

    what about “Steve” I’m seem to remember he wanted the “next mean nasty junkyard Dawg” to be named after him…
    It’s not a dawg Steve but Billy goats can be just as mean…lol

    sorry Steve I do not know you..but the blog entry just sticks out in my mind about “steve the salamander”

    i sort like the name “stuart”

  • dawn says

    Rupert or Able (Abe for short)
    Can always go with Remi instead of Rammi or Rambo

    I do like Archie from Mo’s post..

  • dawn says

    Than again could always go with Oreo, he is black & white.

  • emma says

    I bet he was prenamed “Rammi” by Nicole for a reason!

  • Shannon says

    What about Ernest? Earnestly, what’s wrong with being a goat with a broken leg? 🙂

  • Hillevi says

    How about KIDD. Here are the meanings:
    Bearer of Christ

    Young goat

  • Hillevi says

    Okay, 2 more.
    How about Acestes.
    From Egesta meaning “pleasing goat”
    (ah SES teez)


    Goatherd; goat-man’s monastery

  • Hillevi says

    I promise – my last suggestion:

    Legolas from Lord of the Rings.

  • Heidi says

    I like oreo, kidd, and earnest. The AM dj at 94.5 is called kidd and so is kid rock. Maybe we could hit them up for some stuff!! Renee, how did your audition go?

  • Heidi says

    so Carol, if your ex is ‘mature’ does that make you ‘mature’ too??

  • Carol says


    omg…i am dating myself!

  • Carol says

    kidd…billy the kid?
    legolas made me laugh cuz when he is bad, i can threaten him with soon becoming a legless ass!

  • Carol says

    heidi…it must make me…”well preserved”…i think they must have airbrushed me on the documentary cuz i have had so many comments on my???? very nice skin?????…huh? and who was looking at my skin and not the animals????

  • Tammy says

    I still like Stu.
    or maybe Barney, Jim, Joe.

  • Shelley says

    I really like Kidd and Buckminster.

  • Carol says

    i will grant you it is a cool name, but….imagine if you will…carol out in the field, calling with her high pitched, somewhat annoying, sing-song baby voice…\”buckminster honey, how are you feeling today?\”

    the neighbors would be peeing themselves laughing at me.

    how about geoffry?

  • info says

    come on people, rammi – he’s a goat!! it works. amy haines, were are you, i need a vote!!!!

    in my defense of the photo of me and percy that meghann posted – it looks like i’m wrestling a cow, but really it was a loving hug (that he enjoyed!).

  • Deb says

    Do you not think that most of your neighbors already pee themselves laughing at you on a regular basis? One of your best friends is a mammoth farm pig named Ellie-Mae, Carol.

    If the goat can’t be an “Elvis”, then I like William the Kidd, aka Billy the Kidd or just Kidd. William is a dignified name…….

  • Amy says

    Where am I? Not studying of course! Yay, Rammy but maybe he’ll be nicer than the other one when he’s castrated. Billy the Kidd, that’s a good one or Earnest (Ernie!)

  • Heidi says

    you are well preserved Carol and I thought the same thing ” Carol sure looks good and her skin looks awesome”

  • Carol says

    do not vote for nicole…she already got to name pokey pete…if she names the new guy rammi and we end up with pokey and rammi goats here, if misinterpeted, we may will lose our PG family rating.

    yer jus jealous deb cuz yer best friend was/is an itsy bitsy, tiny, booker under the hedge-hog while mine is a gigantic pink in your face, ellie the dinosaur-hog!

  • laura says

    Since Pete & Edith have people names how about Larry…then we will just need a Curly!!

  • Carol says

    haha mo, larry and curly!
    edith and ernie sound very cute together…the librarian and her limping beau.

  • Nicole says

    i was going to try and defend myself that i didn’t name pete, but then i found my original post:

    Pokey…the goat – he’s huge, looks more like a goat crossed with a horse.
    Carol can correct me if i’m wrong, but I believe he was a ’stray’ found up near alouette lake and they believe his mate was shot.
    truthfully carol told me to put up a ‘name the goat’ contest, but i’m trying to sell the name Pokey. Carol thought of calling him polkadot, cause he has some, but you can’t go around saying ‘come here polka dot’ – Pokey sounds much better.
    but I’m guessing no one else will like my name for him, so feel free to offer other choices and, like normal, carol has the final say. Pokey pokey pokey”

    So yes i am guilty, but it sounds like it was a combined effort so you are guilty aswell carol. considering the number of names i suggest that get vetoed, you must have liked the name a wee bit to keep it. go rammi!!

  • Nicole says

    ps, get your mind out of the gutter carol.

  • Hillevi says

    Ok, time for me to chime in again. Carol, I must agree with everyone else about how good you looked in the story. I was wondering what your skin regimen is because your skin looked nice.

    As for the names, Kidd seems to be the leader – I like Billy the Kidd. I laughed about Legless Ass (Legolas). I think Buckminster is rather refined and dignified – you can always turn it around to Mister or Minister Buck.

    I am surprised that no one liked Acestes simply because it means “pleasing goat” and is that not what we are hoping for?

    So, when does the goat get a name? When is he coming home? Can’t wait to start getting updates.

  • Carol says

    1. goat comes home either tonight or tomorrow if i can can arrange transport (i am working…sheila, angelina..whatcha doin on wednsday?)
    2. with over 100 animals to say hi to or give heck for being a toad…the sounding out of names that sound different than they should by their spelling is too difficult for me,…..basically,i am too lazy to try to teach myself to remember uncommon names….i need easy!!!!
    3ha ha….my skin regime…it’s easy too….i try really hard to remember to splash water on my face and dry it off at least every morning before i go out…but sometimes i forget.

  • laura says

    Pete, Paul and Edith…the newest Saints sensation!!

  • Hillevi says

    Okay, I get the easy name thing. As for the skin care regimen – I have tried that – didn’t work for me.

    So, names — Kidd, Mister Buck, and I am still hanging in there for Legolas — I thought Legolas was brave, honorable, and best of all a looker!!!

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