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Posted: April 13, 2009 at 8:27 pm

so you don’t have to scroll through the comments to find these.









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  • jan says

    HI Carol
    1st Carol thank you so much for taking Tony, forever in your debt for that. 2nd has started their new shelter contest. Sign up for the animal rescue site click to donate daily and look for the vote button where you can vote for your fav rescue daily. There are a LOT of bucks up for grabs and I dont mean rabbits.

  • Hillevi says

    Great Photos!!! Thanks for posting them. I too am in love with Jack. When I saw the CBC story I was wondering who that beautiful dog was – now I know. As for Percy, it is obvious that he is loving the hug. Don’t tell Jack, but I am in love with Spot too.

    Ah heck, I can admit it – I am in love with SAINTS!!!! Big hugs to all!

  • Carol says

    hi jan…tony is an utter dolt but he adores me so i am quite attached to him in return too.
    he is a walking guilt factory tho…he has to stare at me adoringly, 24 hours a day. he was completely crippled by the end of the filming day cuz he just had to follow me everywhere so he could keep his eyes on me…when i saw the news piece, i felt horrible that he was so sore from that very long day…geez tony, lay down and rest, you are too freaking old to keep up with me all day…idiot…stay put, rest, i will come back to you!

    and thx for the heads up on the petfinder thing…nicole, we have a job for you!

  • jan says

    Ever tell you I LOVE you! I too suffer greatly from guilt with him I have NEVER moved a senior on before. It sucks. PS your 1st votes are in and dont forget it is EVERY day ONE vote. Maybe send out info with your email replies? :j
    PS You still dont look crazy but perhaps you could convince folks that they too can have skin like yours if they adopt a senior? “Oil of Ollie”

  • Carol says

    rescuing young and old dogs is not a great mix, the young guys are too rambuctious and the old guys get carried away and try to keep up…you did the right thing sending him down, he is happy as a clam as long as i am around….BUT..he did nose dive out twice this morning, sliding head first down the slope…he was chasing renee’s chi cross pup cuz he thinks she is a tony exclusive squeaky toy….AND he is an absolute dolt!

  • Nicole says

    thanks jan. i really needed another thing to work on.
    everyone see next post and forward to your friends.

  • Colleen says

    Wonderful photos Meghann!

    That photo of Floyd is magnificent! Truly! Good eye on you!

    All wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing them. Such beautiful animals.

  • DORINA says

    My sweet Jack….he is adorable in these photos…I wonder for how long he was at SAINTS?

  • DORINA says

    Hillevi, can you please tell me about the CBC story that you mention here? I would love to know more about Jack’s past. Thank you

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