i swear to god…

Posted: April 29, 2009 at 7:33 pm

if pete knocks grammy off her feet one more time, i am going to……….do something. not sure what cuz i couldn’t think of a scary enough threat but i told him to watch out cuz when i am feeling better, i will think of something really mean!

niko played hard to get tonight to trick into the house…every night it is the very same thing…”look niko, cannned food!!!” he stands in the doorway and bitches and complains but pretty soon he just can’t resist and then slam..i close the door behind him. tonight took a bit longer and i actually had to hand feed him some before he would fall for the trick…save me from stubborn, pig headed northern breeds who don’t like to give in without a good fight.

can someone cat-less.. (or at least without a scrappin’ cat, he’s ok with ones who ignore him)….PLEASE give marty a really great home?…i feel so sorry for him stuck over in a medical room pen, day after day after day.

tiko and tasha have been moved over to the house…they are NOT supremely happy…they are currently shut in a back room with bitsy and sadie cuz neither of those ones will bother them at all.

spot looks sore again tonight.

spritely looks marginally better.

gilbert is lonely again cuz i haven’t spent much time with him in the past couple of days.

we had some nice visitors today who travelled over from the island just to visit saints…so while pete is on my shit list, he was on their favorite list which just goes to show you that you really don’t know someone until you have to live with them.

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  • emma says

    Like you thought you knew Jenny Two before she came to live with me you mean??!

  • Heidi says

    who is marty? what is his story? What is he?

  • Carol says

    hey! i told you she used to bite and scratch her owner…all i ever saw was a freaked out cat in a cage here before you rescued her from her perceived cat place of hell…and now i am chuckling daily cuz she has settled on tormenting you and not me!

    marty is a mid-aged main coon cross cat…. 8ish? 10ish? 12ish? given to us by the spca as a hyperthyroid cat who upon further testing does not currently have hyperthyroid disease. he is a GREAT cat…lots of personality…hugely affectionate…very interactive and fun BUT he is not a fan of other cats…especially ones with attitude and we have several attitude-y cats residing within our walls. (webster, james bond, conan, diablo, the orange boys, tigger woods,) not a very good mix to throw attila the cat hating hun into.

  • Karen says

    Happy Birthday, Carol!

  • Heidi says

    Happy Birthday Carol! Hmmm, I am thinking if I can take Marty! I will be around on Sunday to work with Monica and Julie at the plant sale, maybe we can talk then about Marty and how he would fit in with Trev and Chloe (my cat Carrie adopted to me from Laps…small world). Chloe is a nice cat, shy, I’m not sure she would accept another cat, but I could try. Would it be too much trouble to bring Trev up to Saints for the day (1130 to 330). No problem if it is, I will leave him at home. I dont’ think he will be a good salesman at the plant sale.

  • Rae says

    Happy Birthday Carol. I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!!

  • Carol says

    thx for the b’day wishes everyone…karen, happy belated b’day right back at you…probably best not to bring trev on the w/e heidi cuz either i will be back at work if i am better or still too sick to be on top of it all which wouldn’t be so good and we can talk about marty whenever…its not like he is going anywhere soon.

  • Hillevi says

    Happy Birthday Carol!!!

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