i am well enough to go back to work this weekend

Posted: May 7, 2009 at 7:39 am

soooo…will need to be sure we have saints covered while i am gone.

also there is a nice family who would like to give their mom a tour on sunday late morning for mothers day….is anyone available to be around to give a tour?

5 Comments on "i am well enough to go back to work this weekend"

  • Laura says

    I will be there on the weekend. Also I will gladly give a tour….I love showing off my favorite place!!

  • Meghann says

    Before I forget, we have some flax seed for horses at work that somebody ordered and then decided they didn’t need. Would that be something you could use at all? My mom chews flax seeds, but I have no idea what it does for horses. 🙂

  • Linda says

    Flaxseed is good for arthritic conditions – I grind it in a coffee grinder and add to the horse’s feed. Like all horse supplements, just add a little at a time while they get used to it. It also makes the fur shiny.

  • lynne says

    good laura i am bringing up a lady that wants to help out,is very good with animals, esp dogs would you give her an earlier tour. i am bringing her and steve up at 900 on sat

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