i watched malcom x on tv last night

Posted: May 17, 2009 at 5:34 am

it is easy to see why there is so much unbending hatred in the world. growing up in a hopeless world of fear and cruel acts breeds even more hatred and a need to hurt back.

it would have been interesting to see who malcom x would have become if he was not murdered before his growing inside was barely begun. he was on the cusp of change, of growing beyond himself and his pain, he was moving beyond what the world made him, into someone bigger and stronger…someone who may have one day moved hatred and anger out of himself.

most animals do not need as much time to grow. they don’t need a lifetime to pack away their woes.

life for us all is a journey. while we may have no control over the road we sometimes find ourselves on, we are given choices and opportunities to change our course at some point if we choose.

we don’t always have alot of time to muck around. life has a bad habit of crapping out on us without much warning. i had a client many years ago who weeks before he died realized, finally life was almost over. he tearfully told me he had always been an asshole and now he was afraid to die. at the end, he realized he believed enough in heaven and hell to be really afraid of what was coming next for him.

does that count as a real epiphany…to regret because of fear?

does like some believed in the movie…the good out weigh the bad? was the great man that malcom once believed in absolved of his continued sins simply because some of what he taught and said and actually lived was good?

to be make mistakes is human…to take advantage for personal gain or self indulgence…is what?

i think it is hard to be a really good person because we are so truly flawed. but maybe it is the efforts and the sacrifices we make to try to be better that in the end really counts.

it is probably much easier to be a dog…one day at a time. try to get safely by and stay out of the way of trouble. try to find some love and kindness, try to find someone to love and care for too.

living a good life is a challenge.

5 Comments on "i watched malcom x on tv last night"

  • Barbara DeMott says

    Hi Carol,
    to change the subject, could you please post again about the pill/human alternative to metcam/too expensive for dog arthritis management?
    Looks like by 9 year old Molly is heading to the stiff zone

  • Chris T says

    Hi Barbara – I believe it is meloxicam. Carol will correct me I am wrong…

  • Angelina says

    Yes it is meloxicam.

  • carol says

    but you can only use it on dogs OVER 50 pounds…anyone under 50 pounds needs the metacam liquid.

  • Barbara DeMott says

    Thanks Molly weighs 83 pounds

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