just a quick update on gilbert and spritely

Posted: June 1, 2009 at 7:41 am

spritely did finally eat last night so she did get all of her meds. i thought she looked more comfortable and like herself this morning.

gilbert is feeling well enough to protest and strongely object to being continuously stuck with needles and i only got half of his abx injection in him this morning. i waited til renee came and then she held him so i could get the rest of it into him. i added electrolytes and B vitamins to the water we are syringing  into him.

the vet will be at saints around 10 am and she will look at gilbert, spritely and spot (who really is showing her extreme age now.) some of the bloodwork is back so she will call me on my cell (i am at work) when she is done with them all. 


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