the passing of misfit.

Posted: June 14, 2009 at 5:32 pm

i was really worried about having to intervene and take her into the clinic. she really was totally done with all of the poking and prodding things. i just wanted her to pass peacefully from home if i could arrange a visit here with the vets.

i checked her last night and she was doing ok, but i knew the end was coming and i probably would have to step in by monday.

misfit died last night. she stretched out in the little cat house and let go of this life. i don’t think she suffered, i think she decided she was ready and just let go.

it was a long battle for her against a terrible disease. she had done really well until the last three months or so and then it started to become one battle following another…each one harder to win.

i think she won the last battle, misfit is loved and free. these past 2 years have been one mostly of comfort and friendship and companionship and a whole lot of her saying everything she wanted to say.

misfit was a talker, she could talk more than any cat i have ever met before. she had so much to say, the second she saw everything that had happened since the time you were there before, had to be recounted in exact detail.

but mostly what she liked to say, was…”hello, are you coming in here? is it time to eat? i am glad you are here now. i have so much i want to say.”

rest in peace little chatty cathy…we will all really miss your sweet, sweet voice.

6 Comments on "the passing of misfit."

  • Rae says

    Rest in peace Misfit all of your Saint family will miss you!

  • Hillevi says

    Rest in Peace, Misfit. You have known love, friendship, kindness, and self-expression. I hope that they were wonderful experiences and you watch over everyone you have left behind.

  • Helga says

    Little handful of black fur
    sitting on the shelf by the door
    paw reaching out
    yelling HERE HERE HERE
    how can such a tiny body cupped in your hands
    leave such a big hole?

  • lana says

    I remember when I first met the Americats, Misfit caught my attention right away. Her friendly hello and sweet personality made her stand out amongst all the boys. Loved you be free little Missie.

  • Loridawn says

    I am sorry to hear about Misfit. She was one of my favorites too!

  • Mo says

    What a wonderful poem Helga, misfit was the sweetest little gal & like Laura, she caught my eye too. She held her own with all those boys & kept the sweet part her to share with all of us. I’ll miss her meows & tap on your arm to say.. Hey you , pet me NOW !

    We’ll miss you little one

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